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A light but powerful text editor


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SSuite Office WordGraph is a text editor. Despite using limited resources and taking up a pretty minimal amount of space, it still offers all the features (and a few extra) offered by the bigger and more well-known text editors on the market.

With a simple, pretty, and easy-to-use interface, this application offers a fast, fluid, and multifunctional experience. You can use it to write simple notes or a thousand-page book. Without needing to install .net or Java, SSuite Office WordGraph offers a secure and comprehensive experience. Add other elements to your text with just one clicks, like images, a table of contents, indexes, or a bibliography. Work with various text formats and export them whenever you want to PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, or a presentation format that's exclusive to this application, called '.ssp.' Edit your PDF documents for free and don't be scared about losing any information, since this application will save everything you've written on the cloud.

SSuite Office WordGraph is one of the most interesting alternatives to all the other text editors that you already know about.
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